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Our bar is an extension of the kitchen, creatively using peelings, trims and stalks balanced with pickles and ferments to create a closed loop between our food and drink. We strive to use British ingredients in our cocktails, this means that we only have access to fruit such as lemons and limes at certain times of the year. 

Apriciation - our pricing is such that we can ensure our team is paid appropriately for their contribution to the restaurant. All of the team go over and above and ensure that we create a memorable experience for you, our guests. As such, we have implemented a discretionary 'Apriciation' contribution of 5%. All of these funds go directly to everyone who is working in the business. Please note that the amount is at your discretion, so if you do not feel comfortable with this it can be left unpaid.  



Manzanilla Sherry, Gabriela   £7

Apricity Sweet Vermouth & tonic   £12

58&Co Apple & Hibiscus gin & tonic   £15

2017 Roebuck Estates Classic Cuvée, Sussex Sparkling  £21



Homemade gin apple "tepache" £7

Grape soda  £7

Foraged elderflower soda £7

Nibiru Traubensaft (Grape juice from Kamptal, AUS)  £7

Mother Root Ginger Switchel & Soda £7

Franklin & Sons Original Cola £4.5

Seedlip Spice 94 & Tonic   £7

Spark, cold-brew wine alternative (125ml)  £10


Small Beer Lager (2.1%)(330ml)  £7

Small Beer Stout (2.4%)(330ml) £7

Big Drop Brew Lager (0.5%) (330ml) £7

Big Drop Brew Pale (0.5%0(330ml) £7

Silly Moo Cider (4.2%) (330ml) £8   


Elderflower Spritz £16

Elderflower syrup, crème de pêche, sparkling wine

Asparagus Martini £17

Sapling asparagus-infused vodka, London Dry Vermouth 

(option to make it dirty with lacto-fermented asparagus juice - just ask!)

Whey To Go   £17 (contains dairy)

58&Co vodka, strawberry, whey

Strawpino P-B £14

Strawberry sorbet and cava

Apricity Negroni   £17

58&Co gin, Campari, London Vermouth Company Amber vermouth

Grape & Beetroot Americano £16

58&Co Gin, Campari, London Vermouth Co sweet vernouth,

grape, beetroot syrup, soda

South East by South East £18

58&Co Gin, Chartreuse, London Dry S.E vermouth

Peach Old Fashioned  £17

Maker's Mark, peach bitters, angostura

Presidente £18

Loveday Golden rum, London Amber Vermouth, bitters

Mayfair Manhattan £16

Raasay Scotch, house sweet vermouth, Campari



Rémy Martin Tercet  £27

MacAllan 12   £23

MacAllan 18   £30

Pedro Ximénez, Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia 50ml £12

10 year Tawny Port, Smith Woodhouse 50ml £10

Cream Sherry, Bodegas Cesar Florido 75ml £10

Petit Manseng & Gros Manseng, Jurancon Magendia 75ml £10


Homemade infusions Foraged locally by our team. All £4.5


Raspberry leaves

Lemon Balm

Mentha Spicata (Spearmint)



We work with a small number of spirit companies such as 58&Co, Loveday, and Nc’nean amongst others. We have handpicked these due to their delicious tasting liquids, their sustainable packaging, responsible methods of production and their ethical business models.  


Enjoy a bespoke illy coffee blend, crafted by Chantelle herself at the Università del Caffè illy headquarters in Milan.


Chantelle is the first UK Chef Ambassador for illy, and has created this unique blend in line with the flavour profiles found here at Apricity. The blend has a deep chocolatey depth but a sweet maple finish, consisting of 16% Honduran, 16% Brazilian, 49% Indian and 19% Guatemalan 100% Arabica coffee.

Please note that all spirits are served as 50ml as standard.  

A 25ml serve is available upon request

Unlimited Belu still or sparkling water - £2.00 per person

50p from each sale of filtered water serves a real purpose. Belu give their profits to WaterAid, and bring a more sustainable future to the table. Good for people. Good for planet.

A donation of 50p per person is added to each bill to support the work of Alexandra Rose,

a charity who support families on low incomes to access fresh fruit and vegetables in their local community. 

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