We use sustainable produce at the height of season from small-scale farmers and locally foraged ingredients. All with a zero-waste approach to cooking. 

Service Included: the traditional notion of service charge is included in all our pricing below, so the entire team, kitchen & front of house, are valued and rewarded for the work they do.

Flor Sourdough, Hollis Mead salted butter or SOIL olive oil G, D   £4

Oat and fennel crackers, wasted dip P-B, G   £2


Tempura courgette flower, watermelon radish, herb ajo blanco P-B, N, G  £14

Pork dumpling, celeriac, Tottenham horseradish, rich broth Mu, E, G, D £16

London red butterhead lettuce salad, miso aioli, cobnuts, crispy kale P-B, N  £13

Miso roasted Walmestone Farm cabbage, smoked hemp & hogweed seed cream, pickled kale P-B, S   £11

Hake tartare, pickled kohlrabi, crème fraîche, linseed cracker F, D   £13

Hand dived Brixham scallops, elderflower pickled cucumber, smoked roe, Hollis Mead cream sauce Mo, E, D   £22


Shio koji cured Newlyn hake, squid, sambal butter, Komatsuna spinach, French beans F, Mo, D   £36


Charred Culver farm corn, Costates courgette, pink flamingo peas, tofu  P-B, G, S, Se  £26

Black pearl & oyster mushrooms, herb relish, flanders wheat, XO sauce P-B, Mu, G  £31


Fossket Kuri squash, zhoug, green olive lentils, Bombay mix P-B, Mu, N £28

Lamb cutlet and rib, Cornish beetroot, labneh, mint salsa, beet-kraut D £36

Cornish sardines, turbot, bouillabaisse, kimchi rouille  F, G, E, Mo  £35

Cheswell farm beef wing rib, braised onion, beef fat sauce (for two to share, please allow at least 30 mins)  D £75


La Ratte potatoes, brown butter D   or   smoked hemp & hogweed seed cream P-B, Mu  £7


Bucatini, Ogleshield & Westcombe cheddar, Royal oak cauliflower, kimchi  D, G £8.5

Baby kale salad, hemp tahini, crispy onion P-B   £7


Warm Beurre Hardy pear & hogweed seed cake, apple caramel, oat cream P-B, G  £12


Plum & rapeseed frangipane tart, cream (allow 15 minutes)  V, D, G, E  £12

Chouxnut, greengages, Hollis Mead crème fraîche V, D, G, E, A   £12

Strawberry, cashew cream, 'goldencomb', raspberry granita P-B, N   £12

Esmeralda milk chocolate baked mousse, miso & brown sugar custard (allow 15 minutes)  V, D, S, E £14

Rollright cheese D, G   £16

Served with sourdough croutons & pickled blackberries 

V - Vegetarian  |  P-B - Plant-Based  |  C – Crustaceans  |  Ce – Celery  |  D – Dairy  |  E – Eggs  |  F – Fish  |  

P – Peanuts  |  G – Gluten  |  L – Lupin  |  N – Nuts  |  Mo – Molluscs  |  Mu – Mustard  |  S – Soya  |  

SD – Sulphur Dioxide  |  Se – Sesame Seeds  |  A- Alcohol


Please note, we prepare our food in an environment with allergens and although we take utmost care we can’t guarantee that a dish is completely free of any allergen as traces may remain

A donation of 50p per person is added to each bill to support the work of City Harvest - they work to re-distribute food that would otherwise be wasted, getting it to grassroots organisations that feed some of our most vulnerable and deserving fellow Londoners: The oldest. The youngest. The newest arrivals, and the people with the deepest roots in the city. City Harvest connects communities. Their drivers become the lifeblood of a network that connects people from all walks of life and makes for a happier, healthier, safer city for all. If you'd rather us remove this from your bill then please just let us know.