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We use sustainable produce at the height of season from small-scale farmers and locally foraged ingredients. All with a zero-waste approach to cooking. 

'Apriciation' - our pricing is such that we can ensure our team is paid appropriately for their contribution to the restaurant. All of the team go over and above and ensure that we create a memorable experience for you, our guests. As such, we have implemented a discretionary 'Apriciation' contribution of 5%. All of these funds go directly to everyone who is working in the business. Please note that the amount is at your discretion, so if you do not feel comfortable with this it can be left unpaid.


Toklas sourdough, Hollis Mead butter or Citizens of Soil olive oil G, £4.5


Oat & fennel seed cracker & 'wasted' dip P-B, G £3.5

Curing Rebels cured meats F £13



Masafina tomatillo, baked ricotta, meca chili dressing  D, G  £15

Alexander tempura, cashew cheese, Hampshire leaves P-B, N £14​

Lamb sausage, barbecued cabbage, wild garlic, beef jam Mu, Ce £15

Barbecued Kentish asparagus, 'XO' sauce, Ajo-Blanco  P-B, G £16

London red butterhead lettuce salad, miso, tomato, walnut P-B, N £15

Chalk Stream trout tartare, preserved bergamot & chilli, Hollis Mead crème fraîche F, D £15

Isle of Skye hand-dived scallops, Allwoods new season garlic, three-cornered leek pesto D, E, Mo  £24



Blonde ray wing, sambal butter, Cornish cuttlefish, Sussex bok choi F, D, E £39

Cornish pollock, Fresh Flour orzo, Looe crab F, C, G, D £39

Miso-roasted cabbage, lentil croquette, slaw, 'Jonojang' P-B, G, Se £29

Black pearl & oyster mushrooms, Flanders wheat, wild garlic, Norfolk tofu purée P-B, Mu, G, S, Se £33

Suffolk pork, Lewes spinach, barbecued Badger peas, Isle of Wight black garlic ketchup Ce, Mu £39

BBQ lamb cutlets, confit lamb breasts, lentil salad, Sussex greens (for two, to share) Mu £75




Pink Fir potatoes, brown butter D   or   smoked emulsion P-B, Mu  £8

London Toscano kale salad, hemp tahini, crispy onion P-B £8

Barbequed broccoli, black garlic, crispy kale P-B £8 

Mac'n'kimcheese V, D, G £9



Chouxnut, baked apple, fig leaf, Hollis Mead double cream V, D, G, E £13

Poached rhubarb, cashew cream, rhubarb granita, 'goldencomb' P-B, N £13

Beetroot chocolate tart, pumpkin seed praline P-B  £14

Esmeralda milk chocolate baked mousse, miso & brown sugar custard (allow 15 minutes) V, D, E £15

Rollright cheese D, G £16

Served with sourdough croutons

V - Vegetarian  |  P-B - Plant-Based  |  C – Crustaceans  |  Ce – Celery  |  D – Dairy  |  E – Eggs  |  F – Fish  |  

P – Peanuts  |  G – Gluten  |  L – Lupin  |  N – Nuts  |  Mo – Molluscs  |  Mu – Mustard  |  S – Soya  |  

SD – Sulphur Dioxide  |  Se – Sesame Seeds  |  A- Alcohol


Please note, we prepare our food in an environment with allergens and although we take utmost care we can’t guarantee that a dish is completely free of any allergen as traces may remain

A donation of 50p per person is added to each bill to support the work of Alexandra Rose,

a charity who give families on low income access to fresh fruit & vegetables in their local communities.

Founded in 1912 by Queen Alexandra. 

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