Apricity, 24 October 2022

Apricity is an operation that began with a purpose to be as sustainable as possible in all facets, from the fit out, to the day to day operation. We analyse everything that comes into the business, and everything that goes out. This includes the people element of our business, from employees to suppliers, as well as the wider community and focusing on how our most valuable asset, our people, can also be 'regenerated' and sustained. We have a zero waste mentality, therefore a bin is, and always will be our last resort.  


The fit out itself championed the principles of circular economy with reuse and repurposing being at the forefront.



Apricity, 27 September 2022 


We bring joyous news as we share the details of our first festive celebrations after a few years of stalled celebrations. Join us in our festivities! 


For groups, of 14 -32 guests, private hire of the entire venue is available. We take groups of up to 12 guests in the restaurant. For more intimate events for 6 to 10 guests, our Chefs' Table offers the perfect setting. 


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Chantelle Nicholson, Appeared in The Caterer Magazine on 12th April 

There are many, many benefits to working in the hospitality industry. But it does come with its foibles, one of those being service charge. As one of the only industries whereby a large part of your pay theoretically comes from a customer’s judgement of how good of an experience they had. For me, the restaurant/hotel/pub/bar experience has many facets; decor, ambiance, the food, the hospitality, plus much more (including how I am feeling on that particular day). It is definitely the sum of its parts, and is not wholly reliant on any one person or even a few people. It has to do with how the venue is managed across the entire organisation, not just the few front of house team members encountered throughout.