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Apricity is an operation that began with a purpose to be as sustainable as possible in all facets, from the fit out, to the day to day operation. We continue to analyse everything that comes into the business, and everything that goes out. This includes the people element of our business, from employees to suppliers, as well as the wider community and focusing on how our most valuable asset, our people, can also be 'regenerated' and sustained. We have a zero waste mentality, therefore a bin is, and always will be our last resort.  


The restaurant fit out championed the principles of circular economy with reuse and repurposing being at the forefront.


reduction in embodied carbon vs. typical restaurant fit-out of 350kg per sq ft.


of construction waste

diverted from landfill

Our team consists of passionate people who care about trying to make a difference. To value this, we have removed the notion of service charge from our operation so all those who work here get the benefit of a higher, secure salary, as well as having more opportunities in terms of wider financial access such as mortgages. The pension contribution is also higher than most hospitality operators.


Our purpose is to try and have a net positive impact in all areas - planet, people and profit. Therefore we spend a lot of time and thought in developing our practices, in researching suppliers, supply chains and alternative ways of moving forward. 


The menu and drinks list very much focus on being net positive. We hero vegetables and plants, and source all our meat from regenerative farmers and our seafood from sustainable sources. We champion suppliers who are doing great things, and very much work in a circular fashion with them, rather than the traditional, linear, supply and demand relationship. Our first six months of operation saw menu sales of 15% meat, 11% seafood, 19% vegetarian and 55% plant-based. Our wine list features low intervention wines from vineyards and winemakers respecting agro-ecological processes and enhancing biodiversity.  

Further commitment is shown by Apricity becoming a Food Flagship Initiative demonstration project, in conjunction with ReLondon, the Ellen McArthur Foundation and the Mayor of London This initiative recognises and showcases projects that pioneer circular food systems solutions. 


donated to social impact charities, in conjunction with our guests, such as Kelly's Cause (mental health in hospitality), Saira Hospitality School and City Harvest. 


glass bottles saved from going

into the waste stream, since

opening, and supported

WaterAid charity

Minimising our impact through initiatives such as water filter taps (as opposed to bottled water) means glass bottles skip entering the waste stream. We have eradicated as many single use items as possible, from clingfilm to vacuum pack bags. We also work with our suppliers to use reusable packaging (crates, metal containers, milk pails) to create a closed loop system. 

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