Apricity Restaurant




The restaurant has been designed by like-minded studio Object Space Place using a restorative design framework, in keeping with the concept of a circular economy with sustainable design and operational principles being followed. All elements can be removed and reused at the end of their time in that particular space. A thought-led approach, repurposing as much as possible that was onsite, and celebrating the natural history within the space, with an aesthetic that denotes joy, hospitality and laughter.




We have chosen to limit our opening days from Tuesday to Saturday, with the wellbeing of the team in mind. This ensures everyone has two days off together, and can plan time with friends and loved ones, and ensure fun ensues! We have adopted an 11pm curfew so the team finishes before midnight and can safely take public transport home. Service charge is included in our pricing so each team member takes home the same pay packet each month, which is more than the London Living Wage. We offer mental health support, ongoing learning and career development, and much more. Meet the team



We use renewable energy sources, and monitor our energy usage and carbon footprint on a quarterly basis, setting realistic targets to reduce our output. We reduce food waste by designing our menus to incorporate skins, seeds, tops and tails. We work with suppliers who are passionate about soil regeneration, agroecology, their people, and cultivating a sustainable future.