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We're excited to be working with the No. 1 Kimchi brand in South Korea since 1987, Jongga, on a select number of exclusive events on our Chefs' Table, which offers a unique opportunity to book individual seats to experience a taste of Apricity. The (P)reserve a Table series, aims to draw attention to the very critical issue of plant diversity and how we can help preserve the fruit and vegetables on our plates so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come. 


The special tasting menu has been consciously created, using Jongga Kimchi as the hero dish, showing how fermentation and preservation can not only be delicious but also sustainable. During these exclusive events, you’ll also get to experience Apricity’s low-intervention wine selection, the hospitality of our kitchen and front of house teams and with the Chef’s Table set right in front of the kitchen, watch the intricacies of our kitchen and operation as a whole.

We will be serving a bespoke tasting menu and as such, we're unable to cater for any dietary requirements. 

Bookings will go live at 9am on:

Thursday 6th October for the event

on Thursday 13th October at 7pm