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At Apricity, a dish begins with shapes and colors. It is a reverse-engineering that builds flavor, memory and place inside the four walls of presentation, providing built-in limits that give beautiful ingredients the strength to float on a plate rather than be weighed down by clutter. Chef Chris Prio’s curious plug-and-play approach is not to bully flavor into the back seat, but rather about calling dibs before too many ideas strap themselves into the passenger side of his kitchen. The way something tastes, he believes, ultimately should transcend the way it looks. Presentation is the vehicle. 

Apricity assigns the same worth to its cocktails as its food, because both are multi-ingredient experiences built from the ground up. Alex Anderson’s beverage menu is electric because of its dead-simple ability to tell a story. Our drinks are rooted in history, but their ultimate destination is about the “why" of present-day. They are meaningful, diverse, drinkable and built as a co-conspirator for our food, meant to accompany you throughout every part of the meal.

We believe that you should make what you believe in, whether or not that thing aligns itself with what is conventional — and never without respect to origin. We hope you will join us at our table.

Founder & Head Chef: Chris Piro

Chris Piro began his culinary career in Cincinnati, where he worked at French staple Boca under Chef David Falk, then the city's much-lauded media favorite, Please. Piro then moved to New Orleans, where he worked at Restaurant August. He is now working under Chef Ryan Smith at the nationally-celebrated Staplehouse, which was named Bon Appetit magazine's best new restaurant 2016. 

The vegetarian 2018 pop up in New Orleans. Image by Randy Schmidt

The vegetarian 2018 pop up in New Orleans. Image by Randy Schmidt


"All the truly living, at least once, are born again."

- Ta-Nehisi Coates



About Us:

Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson is one half of the original Apricity team. She brings an incredible amount of industry experience at some of the best cocktail establishments in the country. Originally from Atlanta, where she began her career under Eric Simpkins at The Lawerence; Alex has spent the past four years working in New Orleans for Cane & Table and 2018 James Beard Award winner for most outstanding bar program in America, Cure. Before moving back to Atlanta, Alex was in Miami, working for the Daily Meals 2018 best bar in America, Broken Shaker. Alex is back in Atlanta to bring her outstanding knowledge and dedication to guests at Apricity. 

Alex Anderson at the 2018 Vegetarian Dinner, Photo by Randy Schmidt

Alex Anderson at the 2018 Vegetarian Dinner, Photo by Randy Schmidt