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We're excited to welcome in the cosier days with delicious produce from one of our favourite seasons. To celebrate this time, we have created a comforting Saturday lunch menu for you all to enjoy. 

Service Included: the traditional notion of service charge is included in all our pricing below, so the entire team, kitchen & front of house, are valued and rewarded for the work they do.


4 courses for £55

Matching wine selection £49

Toklas sourdough, Hollis Mead butter or Soil olive oil G, D £4

Oat & fennel seed cracker & 'wasted' dip  P-B, G £2.5

Chickpea & caramelised onion doughnut G



London red butterhead lettuce salad, rhubarb,

miso aioli, cobnuts P-B, N


Crispy oyster mushrooms, 'XO' sauce, watercress P-B, S


Roasted cauliflower, zhoug, Pink Flamingo peas P-B, G


Ox tongue, parsnip, Sussex Brussel tops, black garlic ketchup D, Mu



La Ratte potatoes, brown butter D   or   smoked emulsion P-B, Mu  £7

Baby kale salad, hemp tahini, crispy onion P-B   £7

Crispy sprouts, fermented chili emulsion £7

Mac‘n’ cauliflower kimcheese D, G £8.5

Chouxnut, baked apple, fig leaf, Hollis Mead cream V, D, E, G 


Pumpkin, hogweed & Virunga chocolate tart, pumpkin seed praline P-B

V - Vegetarian  |  P-B - Plant-Based  |  C – Crustaceans  |  Ce – Celery  |  D – Dairy  |  E – Eggs  |  F – Fish  |  

P – Peanuts  |  G – Gluten  |  L – Lupin  |  N – Nuts  |  Mo – Molluscs  |  Mu – Mustard  |  S – Soya  |  

SD – Sulphur Dioxide  |  Se – Sesame Seeds  |  A- Alcohol


Please note, we prepare our food in an environment with allergens and although we take utmost care we can’t guarantee that a dish is completely free of any allergen as traces may remain

A donation of 50p per person is added to each bill to support the work of Hospitality Action. They provide financial assistance, advice and support to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK and are facing hardship. This includes grants for food bills, rent payments or medical costs, access to counselling services, career guidance and training opportunities.

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